Holiday Lets North Yorkshire
Why They Are An Increasingly Popular Investment

Holiday lets in North Yorkshire are widely regarded as being a great opportunity if you want to get into the property investment game. North Yorkshire is a stunningly attractive county, packed full of natural landscapes, a wealth of history and enough recreational facilities to keep tourists happy for years! Increasing numbers of people are choosing to holiday here above anywhere else in the UK, so provided you find the right holiday home, you should have no shortage of paying guests all year round. And with the right holiday home management, you really can maximise the profits you reap from your property or properties. Read on for more in-depth information.

What Kinds Of Property Can Be Used For Holiday Lettings?

What are your options when it comes to holiday lets Yorkshire coast based? Well, perhaps you have an existing property in that area that you use as your home, but that lies empty for a proportion of the year. That may be because you are retired and fortunate enough to winter in the sun, or still working but have a job that keeps you away from home for long periods of time. If you have even just six weeks to play with,why not lease your home out for that time, increasing your household income? The more consecutive weeks your property lies empty, the bigger the attraction to holidaymakers and the easier it will be to secure an additional income stream by leasing it out. Alternatively, you may be looking to invest in a second property as a holiday home for yourself. If so, there’s every chance you won’t be using it all year round, even allowing for lending it to friends and family. Leasing it out during periods where you don’t want to use it yourself can really help bring some additional money in. You can use your lettings income to offset the costs of any mortgage you hold over the property, making your holiday home pay for itself. On the other hand, perhaps you already have a large portfolio of properties elsewhere in the UK, either rented to private individuals or already used for vacationing guests. In this case, adding holiday lets North Yorkshire based to your portfolio could be a smart move. But is there a demand for holiday lets North Yorkshire coast wide and beyond?

Is There Sufficient Demand For Holiday Lets In Whitby Yorkshire And Across The County As A Whole?

North Yorkshire, as is the case with wider Yorkshire as a whole, has always been an extremely popular location for holiday lets. And it seems that this situation is on the rise and set to improve. Generally, with the uncertainty of Brexit and rising costs, more and more people are holidaying at home, or staycationing as it’s come to be known.  Plenty of areas across the UK have benefited from this trend, and none so more than Yorkshire. Overnight visits to Yorkshire by paying guests rose by an impressive 20% in 2015 alone. There are other significant statistics too. As just one example, according to a recent survey of tourism across Great Britain by Visit England, the country’s national tourist board, North Yorkshire was the single most visited area by tourists from home and abroad outside of London. Between the years 2013 to 2015 when the research was carried out, North Yorkshire alone was visited by tourists making over 1.4 million trips per annum and contributing a mighty £294m a year to the area in terms of tourism revenue. All this represents a massive potential for property investors or those who want to take full advantage of owning a house or a holiday home in the counties that make up Yorkshire. So if you own or are thinking of buying one or more holiday lets in Whitby Yorkshire, you’re virtually assured of finding people from the UK, and even worldwide, who will want to rent them out. But what makes for a successful holiday let in Whitby North Yorkshire property?

What Guests Will Expect From Holiday Lets Staithes, Whitby And Wider Yorkshire

Ideally, holiday lets North Yorkshire will be close to the seaside or located near other great natural features that provide opportunities for relaxation, striking scenery and tons of activities. In North Yorkshire, that’s not hard to achieve. With 45 miles of coastline and over 40% of the county being part of the North Yorks Moors and Yorkshire Dales National Parks, there’s huge potential for recreation and vacationing in this area. Next, the property itself must be in relatively good condition and equipped with the basics necessary for any family to enjoy a comfortable stay. From a toaster in the kitchen to pillows and coat-hangers in the bedroom, WiFi, heating, a vacuum cleaner and spare sets of keys, there are a host of little details that guests will expect from a holiday home. Then, there’s specific legislation in place to ensure your holiday home is safe for your guests and protects you from legal action if something goes wrong. This includes property insurance, fire safety regulations, electrical requirements, accessibility legislation and requirements to provide working and tested carbon monoxide detectors. If all this is starting to sound like hard work, don’t give up on the idea. If you are still interested in finding out whether your vacant home could be earning you more money, then it’s time to talk to the experts in holiday let management. Host North Yorkshire has over 25 years’ experience in the property industry and runs a reputable, successful property management business for holiday lets Staithes, Whitby, Saltburn by the Sea and beyond.